The cutting edge quarterback training tool that aligns the correct muscle groups to fire in the proper sequence to maximize passing power and accuracy.  The days of using a towel or sock in your quarterback's non-throwing arm pit are over.  Coach Gregory used that same method for several years and although still very effective, he found there was something missing with this older arm-pit method of controlling the QB's non-throwing arm. Most, if not all who trained with this method didn't use their core near as much.  Now you can have the best of both methods.

  • Immediatley Corrects Baseball Mechanics
  • Increases Power From Back Leg Drive
  • Increases Core Rotation Into the Throw
  • Increases Balance During the Throw
  • Increases Accuracy

The Chest-Q comes in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Typical Sizing - Depending on your quarterback's back width and arm size. An XL size is also available for larger HS and College QBs.